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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?
You can enroll in our course on our website: !
Simply click on the link above and scroll down the landing page until you reach a button that says “Join Now”. Click on that and it will lead you to the different course options and payment plans!

Can I sign up at any time?
Yes! You can sign up in the summer, winter, autumn or spring. You can even sign up if you have a young or old dog at the moment or if you don’t have a dog yet but are expecting a puppy within a few months. There is a lot of theory in our classes that is good to know ahead of time.

What is included in the purchase?
We currently have two classes available ∼ Fetching Manners and Shaping Adventures.

Both classes include a few chapters of theory, followed by 14 weeks of lessons with detailed tips on what to look for in exercises, rich audiovisual content, step by step written explanations and troubleshooting options. At the end of each week you will find a downloadable PDF to help you structure your training sessions, as well as a quiz to check your knowledge and see if you’re ready to progress!

Fetching Manners focuses on how dogs learn, life with a puppy, manners and management, impulse control games, fun tricks, calmness and settling, making good decisions, pleasurable leash walking, a recall that makes you cheer, and the importance of play and enrichment.

In Shaping Adventures, you will dive deeper into dog training and behaviours. You will build on the behaviours you’ve learned in Fetching Manners, raise the criteria, add distance, duration and distractions while teaching your dog new skills for a synergistic everyday life and learn obedience! We have included some special chapters as well – travelling with dogs, outdoor adventures and DIY projects! We have also included journals from the team members who share personal tips & tricks for your everyday life and travel with dogs!

By purchasing any of the classes you are also welcome to join our closed Facebook community where you can ask any additional questions in case you get stuck!

How do these classes work?
Both classes, Fetching Manners and Shaping Adventures, are self study – meaning that you work on your own. All of the lessons are open and available upon purchase but make sure you work at your dog’s pace. Most lessons are intentionally laid out in a specific order and complement each other with your dog’s development in mind so try not to jump around too much. But if you have specific training wishes, or a dog that is not a puppy anymore, feel free to work on any given topic.

Find your pace, don’t hurry and work on this class with your own rhythm.

What language are the lessons in?
For now, everything is in English – the theory and videos included.

What training methods are used in the class?
In our classes we rely on modern dog training methods that are founded on positive reinforcement and backed by science based knowledge. Our aim with this is to shape well behaved dogs while kindling their spirit.

Chasing the Tale DOES NOT USE punishment-based methods of training.

How are the lessons structured?
We have a number of different types of lessons, these are the most common:
– Theory lessons that include longer written explanations, examples of training sessions, the teaching process or day to day situations.
– Step by step lessons with written explanations on how to teach exercises. These are accompanied with rich audiovisual content, troubleshooting issues and ideas for progression.

When do I get access to a new week of content?
All the weeks open simultaneously – the moment you buy the class. To gain access to the succeeding weeks all you have to do is complete the quiz before them.

Can I get feedback during the course?
We have a private Facebook group where you can post any questions you have, or ask for feedback. All the instructors are part of that group and are happy to help you on your path.

How long do I have access to the content?
With purchasing one or more of our classes, you receive a lifetime access to them.

Is this course suitable for my dog, too?
Our courses have been made with absolutely all dogs in mind no matter the age, breed, shape or size! We believe every dog can benefit from it!

What is the minimum age for a dog to start?
We advise you buy the course before your puppy comes home, so that you can get acquainted with the theory ahead of time. In terms of working on the exercises with your dog, there is no age limit! You can start teaching your puppy as soon as they come home. However, go at your puppy’s own pace – do not rush them. If they seem distracted or unable to process all the information, take a break and give them some time to mature before progressing.

What breed is this class appropriate for?
We do not discriminate! The class is appropriate for breeds and mutts of any shape and size.

What is the class’ timeline?
Both of our classes have 14 weeks worth of exercises. To gain access to the succeeding weeks all you have to do is complete the quiz before them. With that, you can progress through the weeks at your own pace. If you have a dog who is already very experienced and you wish to progress faster, all you have to do is complete the quizzes and the lessons will open. However, if you have a dog who simply needs a little more time you can work on a given week for longer – until your dog is ready to progress.

Can I buy just the Shaping Adventures class?
No. Since a majority of the lessons in Shaping Adventures rely on the knowledge taught in Fetching Manners we only sell the Shaping Adventures class in a bundle with Fetching Manners. In order to successfully complete Shaping Adventures your dog needs to have built the solid dog training foundations provided with our first class, thus they come in a pair.