For anyone looking to make dog ownership a big piece of cake, and become a proud and capable owner.

How I Went From Hopeless, Frustrated & Having My Dog Not Give a 💩 About Me To Empathetic, Understanding & Having a Lifelong Companion.

And how you and your dog can become the best team too!

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AND that’s not even all! Countless students have reached astounding results with their dogs by following the same approach!

Say goodbye to your daily dog stress, declining mental health and having to wake your whole neighbourhood up with your raspy morning “MaAaaaaAAaAX!” as the dork bolts after Kitty for the third time this week.


Boy, do we have the solution for you!

if you want to create that idyllic, harmonious life you always wanted with your dog.

(we promise you’ll improve the relationship with your furry companion in just 10 days, in as little as 10 minutes per day)
Don’t miss out!


Getting my first
dog hit me like a ROCK.

My days consisted of regular emotional breakdowns because I was the last thing she ever thought about.

Man’s best friend WHO? Not my dog.

So, if anyone, I know how you feel. I know how difficult it is when you and your dog are simply not on the same page. I was once in that situation too. 

My first dog was a border collie – a breed often synonymous with work ethic, drive and will to please..well, she was everything but that. 

Or so I thought.

I saw Kelly as lazy, detached and obnoxious. In my eyes I thought I gave her everything: lots of clicker training, positive motivation, walks, exercise, mental stimulation and anything she could possibly wish for, yet she “refused to love me back”. She didn’t listen, lived in her own world and rebelled when I asked her for something. 

I was unhappy.

I gave her everything…except what’s most important: UNDERSTANDING.

After years of discouragement, hours of work with experts, heaps of books and a whole lot of dedication we finally began to work as a team! In the end she would choose to train agility with me over anything, left her food to go for a walk with me and came running to my every recall!

But none of it would have worked out without a basic understanding.

And this class does exactly that! Gives you the exercises and theory that will help you understand and work with your dog AS A TEAM!

Where I was

As soon as I learned to accept her the way she is and apply the methods I’ve learned, we went from:

  • Me having unrealistic expectations of Kelly (I practically expected her to be the canine version of a rocket scientist the moment I got her).
  • Being chronically frustrated and questioning my decisions (Are we really stuck with each other for the next 10 years!?)
  • My family lacking sleep and facing exhaustion due to an anxious young dog.
  • Facing constant judgement from myself for not being able to figure my dog out.
  • Not being able to get Kelly’s attention (she just always seemed to choose my dad over me…talk about frustrating).
  • Kelly chewing through the walls, stealing from the trash and ignoring her recall.
  • Running after cars.


… Drum roll please 🥁 …

Living in peace and harmony,
I sleep in on Sundays if I want to, I feel relaxed and happy.

I find myself WANTING to take my dog with me everywhere I go! And you know what? We even take part in dog sports. TOGETHER!

Here we are now

  • I finally understand Kelly, her needs, her desires and accept her the way she is
  • Kelly now loves to work with me; we have tried all sorts of things together from herding, dog frisbee, agility, and dog dancing!
  • I am confident in my ability to solve whatever challenge comes our way.
  • Everyday life with Kelly is easy and enjoyable! 
  • To my relief, Kelly knows how to settle when we go out for brunch!
  • I enjoy taking her along on our travels. 
  • And last but not least, we work as a TEAM!


She didn’t care about me at all and our walks were a struggle! Now, we are enjoying our play dates together. Our recall got 100 times better. On walks she now comes when called and actually comes to check on me from time to time, all by herself!

“When I got my puppy she was all over the place. She didn’t care about me, didn’t care about food, or playing with me. Walks were a big struggle; my dog would pull while on leash, and run around and have fun by herself while off leash. Chasing the Tale academy helped me understand my dog more and kept reminding me that she might need more time to mature before she is ready for some serious work.

With their help our relationship grew. My dog is now obsessed with playing with me and would choose playing with me over playing by herself. Our recall got a 100 times better. On walks she now comes when called and actually comes to check on me from time to time, all by herself! What I liked most about Chasing the Tale is that they adjust their training to the individual dog and the dog learns.

Chasing the Tale classes don’t follow a strict regime by which all dogs are obligated to learn. They take their time to look at the individual dog, their owners, and adjust the learning process to their needs. I loved how they take their time to explain why a dog is behaving a certain way rather than just throwing a possible solution our way. By doing so they help us dog owners understand our dogs more and thus allow us to find solutions on our own when encountering other problems.”


Tjaša Tišler & Brownie



Got a puppy and don’t know where to start?

Adult dogs

Raise your dog training to a higher level.


It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

This challenge is ideal for

Owners looking for teamwork

For anyone who has a dog who doesn’t cooperate, but wants to set the proper foundations for a harmonious life with them. 

Owners who feel stuck
Owners who feel frustrated, stuck and helpless on their dog training journey. Be it because their dog doesn’t listen or they are facing a problem they can’t figure out.
Dog owners to be
For anyone and everyone eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new puppy who want to do things right, set the correct foundations and give their dog the best start in life


You feel stuck and frustrated because your dog doesn’t listen to you (you can’t get their attention, your dog is always distracted, and they only do what they want).

You’re starting to feel desperate - you’ve tried multiple things and nothing has improved the relationship you have with your dog (you’re doubting your capabilities and have started to question your life choices).

You’re too embarrassed to go anywhere with your dog because you know they will misbehave.

You’re feeling stressed and frustrated for not being able to figure your dog out.

You’re feeling weak and are losing your sense of self - can’t find the time for your own hobbies, you’re consumed by worry and have no energy to hang out with your friends.

Oh? You’re not facing any of those problems? That’s great!! This class is ALSO for you if:

You’re passionate about your four legged companion and are hungry for knowledge (you’re feeling inspired, want to know what goes on inside your dog’s head and are looking to challenge your inner dog trainer)!

You’re curious about where you and your dog can take things.

You don't know how to start your dog training journey and are worried you might do something wrong (but are eager to build solid dog ownership foundations and want to do what’s right for your dog).

Don't take our word for it.
Listen to our students:

We were like zombies, waking up in the middle of the night, and she was always dragging us around … Today, Juno thinks about what we want, not what her urges are. We strategically structured our life to fit her needs and what we think is good living.

We had no idea what we were getting into when we first got our Australian Shepherd puppy. Yes, people told us that it is a high-energy doggo, but little did we know what that means. We love her dearly, but the family dynamic changed drastically after we brought Juno home. And boy, did she turn our lives around.

For the first two months, we were like zombies, we were waking up in the middle of the night, she was dragging us around when we went for walkies and she demanded all the attention a pup could get. Luckily, we discovered Chasing the Tale classes that helped us really understand what it meant to be her. How she thinks, what drives her, and more. Within a month, with steady training, we have seen such a tangible change. Juno started to think about what we want, not what her urges were. She has a really strong drive to work and we strategically structured our life to fit her needs and what we think is good living. Thanks, ladies, for sharing this course with the world, we definitely need this for all the high-energy doggos that would love to work to please their family and friends.

This was a wake-up call for us to take a step in her shoes.”

Anže & Maja Voje and Juno
Embrace life changing results with your dog right now!



Feel rejuvenated, full of energy and inspired to take on life with your dog.


Thrive with your dog, in harmony (have an easy and pleasant companion who walks by your side every step of the way).


Feel assured as you become the life of the party in your dog’s eyes.


Have trust and be able to depend on your dog as they depend on you.


Feel acknowledged and proud for being able to do ANYTHING you set your mind to with your dog.


Become a satisfied and capable owner who holds dog ownership by its horns.


Have a dog who enriches your life, fills you up with energy and expands your horizons (a well-behaved dog will show you that being an owner does not come at the expense of your free time, energy, hobbies or mental health).


Feel confident and understand your dog’s every need (be on the same page as them).


Feel flexible with your time as a result of making significant changes with a mere 10 minutes a day.


Feel supported and guided by experts.

With every journey there come challenges.

Being able to include your dog into your everyday life and have them enrich it rather than bring worries, definitely sounds like a dream. We don’t deny that there will be bad days, as well as obstacles on the way. Don’t let the tough days let you down. Instead, lower the criteria, manage (e.g. put your dog on a leash if they don’t listen to your recall) and try again some other day. 

Never compare your dog to another as there are many factors that determine what a good dog is; your personal preferences, your lifestyle, your training skills, your dog’s genetics, character, and experiences.

There will be better and worse days in training, some days you will go 5 steps forward and sometimes 10 steps back. Progress is not linear. Embrace the journey, and learn from the mistakes. You will do better tomorrow!

So what will you be getting?

An Intro Into Clicker Training

Learn how to use a clicker in dog training through fun clicker games that will help you polish your timing and clicker using skills. Get to know the four main approaches we use and see them in practice.

Theory on Why Bad Dogs Don’t Exist

Why there is no such thing as ‘’doing it on purpose’’ and how misunderstanding dogs lies at the heart of broken relationships.

Guides on Building Effective Training Sessions

A deep dive into what you need in order to hold a successful training session, starting with building a reward system that works specifically for your dog and why being proactive is important when training your dog. To top it all off, we will touch on what are distractions in dog training and how to correctly apply them in order to bulletproof the behaviours in everyday life situations.

A Recipe for the Perfect Dog Walk

Learn how to spice up your everyday walks and prevent them from becoming too repetitive, bland or chore-like for both you and your dog.

Groundwork Guide

Gain access to the most important foundational behaviours that will allow you to take your dog with you anywhere, at any time. These guides cover a recall game that will have your dog running back to you when called, mat training, exercises that encourage a neutral to the environment type of attitude, and more!


Both physical and mental stimulation are important in attaining the life of a happy dog! In this class, you will find some fun trick tutorials to exercise your pup’s brain, as well as a number of enrichment ideas that will help you spice up your dog’s life. And, last but not least, you’ll also learn about the theory of play and why it is one of the best activities for bonding with your dog!

Private Facebook Community

Gain access to a private community on Facebook where likeminded people come together to help each other solve problems, discuss issues and compare results. In addition all of our instructors are active in the group and often offer personalised advice and special deals.

Management Manual

The management manual is the key to preventing your dog from forming bad habits or ever thinking of mischief. We cover everything from why management is important, when you should use it, how to use it and what tools (e.g. long line, crate, etc.) you’ll need in order to succeed.

3-Step Problem Solving Formula

Have you ever encountered a challenge when training your dog? Fear not, no obstacle is too large to be overcome! Here we present a 3 step formula for solving your problems and highlight the importance of the growth cycle for overcoming anything thrown your way.

Engaging Games - become the life of the party

Exercises that help teach your dog that working with you is the best thing ever, and that help build value for you in your dog’s eyes. You will dive into how to program your dog to love working with you with fun games, joyful behaviours, secret tips, tricks, and more!


Don’t have access to your desktop? Don’t worry! You can access our classes from the comfort of your phone screen or tablet! Heck, you can even access it from your smart TV.

Lifetime access

Need more time for a certain exercise? Take your time! You can re-read and re-watch the lessons as many times as you want! Take the time to go through this class at your own pace - the material in this class is yours forever!

Owners in Every Corner of our world are already out there chasing tales!

Except, they’ve invested heaps more to receive what lays in front of you today!

Stepping on the same page has never been this straight forward!

Now is your chance to bond together, say goodbye to agony and stress, and change your life!

We’ve created this 10-day challenge because we want to see you and your dog be stress free and take on the world like birds of a feather, like peas in a pod, heck, like two minds thinking as one!

We’ve never packed this much information into such an affordable class. And who knows if it will ever happen again.

So if you want to be part of our family, join the students who are already out there chasing tales, and move mountains with a mere 10 minutes a day…

Then JUMP on over and grab dog ownership by its horns!

And guess what? It ONLY TAKES 10 DAYS! All together, that’s less than a single Marvel movie long!

Ready to take on the world with your four legged companion? LET’S GO! 🐾


Downloadable PDFs

Organise your notes, track your progress and fill in the PDF sheets specifically for your dog, so you can adjust the training sessions accordingly.


The homework will help you review the class material once again, allow you to delve deeper into the theory and encourage you to retain the information we’ve presented in more detail. With this you will be better, sharper and more effective during your training sessions!

Enrichment DIY

Find fun DIY projects that will brighten your dog’s days!

By purchasing NOW, you receive:

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14 Daily Training Exercises

Steady daily training exercises.

Circle blueC

Extensive Theoretical Lessons

For you to better understand your dog and become sharper, and more effective during your training sessions!

Circle purpleC

8 Video Lessons

Detailed and captivating, high quality video lessons to help you hone in on your newly acquired knowledge and polish your skills.

Circle greenC

Downloadable PDFs

Background olive

Fun Games

Background orange

Engaging Quizzes

To test your knowledge and help you gain a better understanding of the material that you’ve learned.

Circle okerC

Lifetime Access

You can re-read and re-watch the lessons as many times as you want inside our online Chasing the Tale Academy!

Circle pingC

Access to Private FB Community

Facebook group, where likeminded people come together to help each other out.

Circle colorsC

Unlimited Support

We offer help and guidance for you in our private Facebook group which you can ask for at any point. In addition to that, this 10 day challenge will teach you the theory and exercises that can be personalized to suit each individual dog. In other words, we teach you how to fish not just give you the fish itself (so you bet you’ll be able to use the theory years down the line, with different dogs too).


But you can join for a small fee today. 

We always strive to further upgrade our course. Thus we cannot promise you this amazing offer isn’t going away. If one of the links below still work then you’re good to go.

One time payment

All prices in USD

Too good to be true?
Our students say otherwise.

Chasing the Tale saved my life! Jinx and I were very happy to get to work. We can't wait to continue with the program and thank you again to the girls for a quality and fun dog school.

My Jinx is the “corona child”. At the time she came to our home, dog schools were not working, and my Dalmatian puppy was naughty and independent at first glance. A colleague recommended the Chasing the Tale program, which saved my life! The platform itself is eye-pleasing, the text is easy to read and understand, and the videos are interesting and of high quality.

Jinx and I were very happy to get to work. At the beginning of each week, I prepared a diary, set goals, and scheduled lessons daily. Jinx was extremely motivated and quick to learn during the exercises. The program is fantastic for new dog owners.
Jinx was great with the shaping exercises, as she surprised me time and time again with her ingenuity and creativity.

We can’t wait to continue with the program and thank you again to the girls for a quality and fun dog school.


Eva & Jinx

I now often look at dog training differently or notice things in my or my dogs‘ behaviour I didn’t notice before. The best thing is that I‘ve gained a deeper understanding of dog training in general.

Thanks to Chasing the Tale, I now often look at dog training differently or notice things in my or my dogs‘ behaviour I didn’t notice before. The class has shown me new approaches to training related issues (like my dogs not understanding what I want from them in some situations) which has helped us a lot.

The best thing is that I‘ve gained a deeper understanding of dog training in general. Reading and exercising all those lessons have enabled me to overcome obstacles and problems I‘ve faced when working with my dogs.

Thank you so much again for this opportunity!


Isabella & Rivia

Our story

Chasing the Tale’s ideology is that dogs can be much more than just a pet if only we nurture their true potential with consistent, enjoyable, and clear training.

By ‘more than just a pet’ we mean that your dog can be your friend, your family member, your loyal companion, and more. We believe that dogs can make our everyday lives more fun and fulfilling with their happy attitude and contagious outlook on life.

Chasing the Tale is about creating stories with your dog and it is about adventure!

That being said, we should never forget what sparks the fire in our own dog’s! Always look at the dog in front of you and adapt your adventures to their specific needs and wants. The goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves, together! The adventure need not be grand, as long as you make it your own – even if that means relaxing on the sofa and watching Netflix, going to a drive-in movie theatre, grabbing a coffee in the city or taking a refreshing swim in the lake.

All in all, the mission of Chasing the Tale is to encourage more dog owners to take their dogs with them on their adventures – and most importantly, show them how easy it can be with a well mannered dog! With all of this in mind, Chasing the Tale Academy was born.

Bottom line... Owning a dog should feel like a piece of cake, right? 🎂

Whether you’re looking to build a strong bond with your dog, understand what goes on inside their head, have your dog be happy to cooperate with you, or become a capable and satisfied owner, then this is the challenge for you!

Too many owners feel resentment towards their dogs FOR YEARS…

We don’t want that to be you.

Jump on board to see why so many wish they had started sooner.

Have a question?

This 10 day challenge has all the information you will need to set up the dog training foundations that will allow you and your dog to form a strong bond and start working together as a team! Don’t get us wrong, in person dog schools are great, but they’re also time and money consuming. This 10 day challenge, on the other hand, gives you more freedom! You can work on it at your own pace and take as much, or as little, time as you need. In addition, you can reread and rewatch instructions, work from the comfort of your own home and in a neutral environment where you can set your dog up for success.

We have over 15 years of experience in dog training, have worked with different dogs, raised board and train puppies, held in person classes, hosted private training hours with our clients, attended workshops, seminars, worked with international trainers, lived the lifestyle we preach – travelled with over 11 dogs at once, and more!

In these 10 days you will start building an understanding of your dog, start your journey and set the foundations needed to grab dog ownership by its horns.

Don’t worry, we offer support and guidance, as well as a FB community group where you can connect with like minded individuals for help and advice.

Dog ownership is rarely straight forward. In fact, we don’t deny that there are going to be challenges, but with knowledge and practice and guidance any obstacle can be overcome in a fun and enjoyable manner.

At Chasing the Tale we take on a holistic approach – we look at the bigger picture. This is not a quick fix type of program, that only describes a single solution. No, this is a program that will give you the tools and skill set needed to approach any problem that comes your way with a new and improved outlook.

Of course it’s worth it! We offer help and guidance for you in our Facebook group which you can ask for at any point. In addition to that, this 10 day challenge will teach you the theory and exercises that can be personalized to suit each individual dog. In other words, we teach you how to fish not just give you the fish itself (so you bet you’ll be able to use the theory years down the line, with different dogs too).

That’s the magic of our online classes! We will provide the video recordings and all the material to you. You are free to work at your own pace (and your dog’s), reread and re-watch the lessons, and skip the ones you already know.

This 10 day challenge is our most affordable class yet! We’ve never packed this amount of information into such an affordable class before so make sure to take advantage of it while you can!

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