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With Clear and Concise Step-By-Step Training Method.

With a Clear and Concise
Step-By-Step Training Plan

Feel proud of your dog’s leash manners and the bond you share with them.

Develop strong foundations in training methods tailored to your dog’s needs.

Effective techniques to redirect your dog’s focus and reinforce desired behaviours.

Easy-to-understand course material.

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Frustrated With Your Dog Still Pulling on Leash Despite Your Best Efforts?

Don’t Let It Spoil Your Walks.

Imagine stepping out the door, ready for an easy walk with your beloved dog …

The sun is shining, 🌞 the birds are chirping, 🦜 and all seems well …

But as soon as you clip their leash on, chaos ensues! 😣

Your dog lunges forward, pulling with such force that it feels like they’re out to take you for a walk and not the other way around. They drag you along like there’s no tomorrow.

They gasp for air, coughing and huffing as a painful reminder of the struggle while you steadily pick up your pace to alleviate the pressure on their neck.

You try to regain control by pulling back on the leash, but your efforts are fruitless … 🥴

Your dog seems oblivious to your commands, their attention consumed by the scents and sights around them. Despite your best efforts to win them over, your dog remains fixated on their own agenda, pulling you further away from the path you first intended to walk down.

Meanwhile, people cast judgmental glances in your direction, 🧐 their expressions a mix of pity and annoyance. You can feel them silently questioning your ability to control your unruly dog.

You feel embarrassed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and powerless, wondering if you’ll ever experience a peaceful walk with your dog.

After all, this should be a simple and enjoyable activity.

At that moment it feels more like a battle of wills, testing your patience and strength at every turn.

And as you stomp along, desperately trying to keep up with your dog, you can’t help but wonder if things will ever get better … 😒

What If I Told You That Even The Best Of Us Have Been Through That?

While some dogs walk calmly and politely on the leash for most of their lives, they are rather the exception than the norm. 😉

Most dogs pull.

Even Anja and I have dealt with leash-pulling with our own dogs. And let us tell you, teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash was one of the biggest projects we’ve taken on, but also one of the most rewarding.

I’ve been there with my first dog Kelly – when it was time to go for a walk with the whole family she was like a Yo-yo, 🪀 bouncing back and forth, and jerking me along with her.

Even food, which she would normally sell her soul for, became worthless in those moments. I’m actively working on loose leash walking with Ponyo now and I know Anja has worked on it too, with Tuvalu.

Getting yanked around is no fun. 😅

I struggled with this behaviour until I started treating leash pulling as a symptom, not as the main problem itself! And that’s the secret.

Did you know that …

Leash Pulling Is Only a Symptom
of a Bigger Underlying Cause

Most dogs, if given the opportunity, would much rather not feel constant leash pressure on them at all times.

That sounds counterintuitive, right? 💡

Especially if your dog pulls you behind them on every walk, all the time.

But let us reassure you, being on leash and pulling you behind them is not something dogs would naturally choose to do.

If your dog had the choice to walk freely towards what they want or pull you on the leash to get there, they definitely wouldn’t choose to pull you behind them.

They would simply make their way towards the thing they wanted. 😉

With over 15 years of experience in the dog training world, this is exactly what we found.

Dogs don’t pull because it’s a fun thing to do …

They pull because they’re feeling overwhelmed by the environment, they’re anticipating something enjoyable, or being attracted to something they desire in the distance. 🤩

During the filming and training of dogs for this program, we observed that even the dogs that pulled the most (including those that seemed to enjoy it), stopped pulling when the environment was not exciting, they had no specific agenda, were in a calm state of mind, and had nowhere to be.

And when you look at it that way, 👀 things suddenly seem achievable!

By tackling the root causes and emotions that lead to leash pulling and showing your dog that walking by your side is more rewarding than the surrounding environment, achieving the loose leash walk you desire can be surprisingly easy.

And you can do it too!

Teach Your Dog To Stop
Pulling With Loose-leashed

Teach Your Dog
To Stop Pulling
With Loose-leashed

And Start Enjoying Your Walks Again

Say goodbye to:

Instead, you will:

Feeling frustrated and helpless because it seems like you’ve tried everything and have been working on loose leash walking for ages but you’re still in the same spot.

Reaping the rewards of your hard work and feeling proud of your dog’s newfound leash manners.

Being in physical pain because
your dog drags you behind them.

Feeling safe when you walk your dog and being pain-free.

Feeling lost because you don’t know how to get your dog to cooperate.

Feeling capable as the owner of your dog and knowing what to do if something takes you a step back during the process.

Struggling to enjoy walks due to
constant leash pulling.

Finding joy in harmonious leash walks and feeling proud of the bond you have created with your dog.

Facing difficulty connecting with your dog during instances of leash-pulling.

Experiencing a sense of unity and connection during walks with your dog

This Course is Ideal For:

Novice Dog


If you’re a new dog owner frustrated by leash-pulling, this course is designed just for you!

Gain control during walks and stop feeling overwhelmed. Loose-Leashed provides a clear and concise training guide for tackling this challenging behaviour.

Enthusiastic Dog


Ideal for experienced dog trainers facing new challenges, especially with leash walking.

Leverage our framework to address the root of your dog’s problem and eliminate leash-pulling, even if previous training methods haven’t worked.



If you’re a committed competitor investing time in training for any dog sports, this is for you.

Master loose leash walking (it’s a great exercise before you enter the ring) to set the right mindset before competitions, preventing your dog from getting overly excited and their mind spiralling with anticipation. Explore key insights to help every sports dog perform at their best.

We Suggest You Explore
Other Options, If:


You think the problem is your dog and you are unwilling to change your own behavior.


You like getting dragged around along the sidewalk every day. 😝


You believe your dog can’t be helped.

Proven Techniques
That Get Results, Every Time

»Chasing the Tale saved my life!«

Jinx and I were very happy to get to work. We can’t wait to continue with the program. The platform itself is eye-pleasing, the text is easy to read and understand, and the videos are interesting and of high quality.


Eva & Jinx

»Today, Juno thinks about what we want,
not what her urges are.«

Thanks, ladies, for sharing your knowledge with the world, we definitely need this for all the high-energy doggos that would love to work to please their family and friends.


Anže & Maja

Thousands of owners are already enjoying peaceful walks with their dogs by their side. Will you be next?

Discover The Pyramid Of Loose-leash Walking Success

Master 5 levels, step-by-step, with your dog:

Level: 1

Discover the Tools

Establish crucial fundamentals like food value, a calm mindset, and teamwork, creating a safety net for addressing issues later in training. Uncover the underlying causes of leash pulling by exploring your dog’s reactions in this section. Recognize signs of excitement or anticipation, gaining valuable insights to focus on during training.

This initial step is essential, offering a solid base for future training and a better understanding of your dog’s needs.

Level: 2

Develop the Skills

Introduce exercises that your dog needs to learn to be able to perform the behaviour later down the line. Through fun games and activities, your dog learns the correct position for loose leash walking, leash pressure cues, impulse control, permission cues, a follow-me game, and more.

With those, we lay the groundwork for future behaviours. You start off by teaching these behaviours in the comfort of your own home.

Level: 3

Do the work

Here you begin weaving together the puzzle pieces from the previous stages, combining the skills with the foundational tools.

It’s where you test your dog’s abilities by taking things outside into the real world, increasing duration, addressing any challenges that might arise and more.

Level: 4

Delve into the Polishing

Moving into the Polishing stage, you refine your dog’s leash-walking skills. Here, you introduce new challenges to help with generalisation and elevate the behaviour to the next level.

Level: 5

Devote Time to the Upkeep

Finally, this stage is dedicated to maintenance work. Remember – pulling on leash comes naturally to dogs so if you do not incorporate little reminders into your training after your dog knows the behaviour well, they will likely start pulling on the leash again.

This stage simply offers some exercises that will help keep your dog’s leash-walking skills at their peak.

Get Results Fast:
Nothing Left Out

Your key takeaways from this will be:


A Deeper Understanding
of Why Your Dog Pulls:

We don’t address the symptoms, we address the root of the problem itself. Which allows any owner and any dog to succeed. Our method allows you to pinpoint the root of the problem with your dog and follow the exercises which will help you resolve the symptoms in accordance with your dog’s root cause.


A Clear and Concise Training Method:

This course provides a ready-to-use, 5-stepping stone system with thorough theory, dynamic exercises and challenges to upgrade your knowledge and skills so that you can train your dog effectively. The pyramid lays it out for you.


Problem Solving:

Learn how to work through your existing problems and build new, reliable, behaviours. We teach you how to understand your dog’s unique struggles and be able to fix those.


Confidence and Clarity:

You’ll find it effortless to grasp the concepts and structure your own routine based on what your dog needs most.

Online Learning, Real-Life Results

» The best thing is that I‘ve gained a deeper understanding of dog training in general.«

I now often look at dog training differently or notice things in my or my dogs‘ behaviour I didn’t notice before.

Isabella & Rivia

Introducing ...

Unlock the theory to stress-free strolls
where your dog can enjoy walks by your side

Unlock the theory to stress-free strolls where your dog can enjoy walks by your side

regardless of the distractions around them,
or the speed you are walking at.

regardless of the distractions around them, or the speed you are walking at.

By Purchasing Now, You Receive Immediate Access To:

Understanding Loose Leash Walking

  • What is Loose Leash Walking: Gain a deeper understanding of what loose leash walking is, why the leash is not actually used when starting to teach the behaviour and why dogs pull.
  • Setting up for success: Learn how to set your dog up for success.
  • Different types of walks: Discover how you can accommodate your dog’s needs while setting requirements into place.
  • Understanding the Challenge: Learn about what awaits you in training and why teaching loose leash walking requires patience, time and work.

Laying the foundations

  • Value for Food: Build value for food and discover why a food reinforcer is so important in loose leash training.
  • Value for Teamwork: Increase love for the game, make training fun and understand why raising value for teamwork can be the saving grace for your training later down the line.
  • A calm Mind: Understand why a calm state of mind is important for learning. Condition emotions conducive to training and learn about how anticipation affects behaviour, how routine can make or break your training session and why acclimation time is important.

Teaching the Skills

  • Fun Exercises: Take part in fun exercises like the labyrinth chase, impulse control games, and teaching your dog what pace is to build understanding and show them what will be expected of them later on in the process in a fun and dynamic manner.
  • Building value for the position: Establish an understanding of the position by your side that you want your dog to be in when leash walking. Do so with fun exercises like taking part in games that build value for the position, teaching your dog how to move with you, how to follow you and how to stop when you stop.
  • Addressing Errors: Learn the right course of action if something goes wrong or if you are feeling stuck.
  • Discover Permissions: Understand why permission cues are important and how they come into play to strengthen the leash walking behaviour.

Guidance on Doing the Work

  • Transfer the behaviour outside: Understand how to transfer the behaviour outside, which environments to work on, how to ensure success and learn to predict behaviour, successes and failures.
  • Prep Work: Master little routines, behaviours and tasks that ensure your dog is prepared and can be successful once you start training leash walking outside. Learn about Door and Car manners and why some dogs may benefit from burning off excess energy before the start of their training session.

Fun Quizzes to Test Your Learning

    These quizzes serve as a delightful way to reinforce what you've learned at the end of every week. Challenge yourself, and track your progress.

Unlimited Access: Lifetime Availability to the Complete Course Content

  • Lifelong exercises: that remain valuable throughout your dog's entire life.
  • Timeless learning: A course with no starting or ending dates.
  • Progress at your own pace: tailoring the difficulty level to keep up with the content.
  • Restart anytime: Take a break from training and resume the course at your convenience.
  • Adaptable training routines: Train with different dogs whenever you desire.

User-Friendly Course Compatible with Any Device

  • Comprehensive, step-by-step, and well-structured
  • A ready-to-use course that balances simplicity with depth
  • Learn from the comfort of home or during your daily nature walks.

But you can join for a small fee today. 

We always strive to further upgrade our course. Thus we cannot promise you
this amazing offer isn’t going away. If one of the links below still work then you’re good to go.

Option 1

Option 2

(Limited spots available)

All prices in USD

Option 2

(Limited spots available)

All prices in USD

Wait! There's More ...

You’ll Get These Amazing Extra Bonuses Too!

Get Access To Chasing the Tale’s Community

We'll surround you with a powerful group of dog trainers and owners who know EXACTLY what to do if you ever feel stuck. You're going to get access to our private, members-only, group where you can get support and guidance.

Our Commentary on Real-Life Training Sessions.

Training dogs is a meticulous process that is often very dependent on good timing and being able to read your dog’s body language.

Fear not, we’re here to help you with that! You can learn to spot mistakes, read dog body language, and be able to better picture how to carry out a certain exercise by watching our training sessions and learning from our video commentaries.


Learning is a two-way street. We will not just be passing down information but will also be giving you little homework tasks that you can complete to better understand the material at hand, get to know your dog AND understand how the theory applies to them.

Over 15 Years of Dog Training Experience!

We have dedicated years of our lives to acquiring this knowledge. We’ve honed our skills through hands-on experience in our in-person classes, competitive sports events, workshops, and seminars.

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of training methods is evident in our collaboration with esteemed experts like Dogs4motion Academy.

Our methods are not only up-to-date but also proven effective through real-world application, on a wide range of many different breeds.

Our story

Chasing the Tale’s ideology is that dogs can be much more than just pets if only we nurture their true potential with consistent, enjoyable, and clear training.

By ‘more than just a pet’ we mean that your dog can be your friend, your family member, your loyal companion, and more. We believe that dogs can make our everyday lives more fun and fulfilling with their happy attitude and contagious outlook on life.

Chasing the Tale is about creating stories with your dog and it is about adventure!

That being said, we should never forget what sparks the fire in our dogs! Always look at the dog in front of you and adapt your adventures to their specific needs and wants.

The goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves, together! The adventure need not be grand, as long as you make it your own – even if that means relaxing on the sofa and watching Netflix, going to a drive-in movie theatre, grabbing a coffee in the city or taking a refreshing swim in the lake.

All in all, the mission of Chasing the Tale is to encourage more dog owners to take their dogs with them on their adventures – and most importantly, show them how easy it can be with a well-mannered dog! With all of this in mind, Chasing the Tale Academy was born.

We Stand Behind You:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Because Your Satisfaction Matters

We’re so confident that you’ll start enjoying the walks with your dog again that we’re willing to back up your purchase with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel that the Loose-Leashed has helped you, we’ll refund every cent you paid – no questions asked.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Listen To Our Students:

»I loved how they take their time to explain why a dog is behaving a certain way rather than just throwing a possible solution our way.«

By doing so they help us dog owners understand our dogs more and thus allow us to find solutions on our own when encountering other


Tjaša Tišler & Brownie

Those calm and relaxing walks you’ve always dreamed of are just one click away. Who are we to hold you back?

You Won’t Teach Your Dog Not to Pull.
You’ll Teach Them To Walk By Your Side.

We found that many courses and videos out there focus on the leash, which is not the way to go. Teaching leash walking starts by showing your dog what is expected of them. Leash pressure is not a very clear criterion, so we prefer to start by teaching dogs the correct position by your side. And guess what? No leash is required for that!

You’ll Get To The Root Cause First.

Pulling on leash never starts because your dog enjoys the feeling of pressure on their neck or chest. It starts because of an underlying emotion or desire. Get to that root cause with the first level of our pyramid and start resolving things from there. We promise teaching leash walking will be a lot easier from there on out.

You’ll Be Able To Maintain The Solution.

We don’t just teach you how to avoid the problem with this course. No, we teach you how to resolve the problem AND maintain the solution. Leading to lasting change and satisfied owners and dogs.

No Age Limit!

You can work through all of these exercises with your brand-new puppy. In fact, we would recommend doing so, to give your dog the right foundations from the start. But don’t worry … You can teach new behaviors or improve existing ones even with older dogs.

Proven Techniques That Get Results, Every Time

»I have been able to apply this knowledge and build more consistency with loose-leashed walks, which helps with both training and sports competitions. It has truly set even my youngest boy, Tide, up for success!«

Participating in this course has deepened my understanding of the impact that arousal, excitement, and the environment have on maintaining the loose-leashed walks. With the help of the exercises presented, I have been able to apply this knowledge and build more consistency with loose-leashed walks, which helps with both training and sports competitions. Thanks to our partners at Chasing The Tale for offering this awesome course; it has truly set even my youngest boy, Tide, up for success!


Jana Gams

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner,
an Active Competitor in Agility and FCI Obedience, CEO of dogs4motionacademy

If you’re sick and tired of getting dragged down your local sidewalk on every walk, and are not sure how to teach your dog to be polite while on leash, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Don’t miss out and join us now!

Does This Suit Me?

You can work through all of these exercises with your brand-new puppy. In fact, we would recommend doing so, to give your dog the right foundations from the start. But don’t worry … You can teach new behaviors or improve existing ones even with older dogs.

No. But don’t worry if you have taught your dog some basic loose-leashed behaviors already, we will show you how to upgrade them into the most enjoyable walks you can imagine.

Fret not, we have your back with this one. Although this is a self-study program you can always opt in for one one-on-one personal feedback with the instructors. Choose the working spot option.

You and your dog are not the only ones! If you don’t have reliable loose leash walking, it is most likely because you either didn’t dedicate enough time to building solid foundations or your dog’s emotional state is in the way. Don’t worry, we have just the right tips, lessons, and tricks to help you work through that.

But if, after purchase, you feel that this course is not for you – you can always ask to get your money back and we will refund you, no questions asked.

No. Your dog is not a helpless case. We always believe that by recognising the type of problem you are working with, understanding the dog in front of you and addressing the root causes of the problem you will be able to make lasting change. And that is exactly what this course is here to do.

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of dogs like yours. That’s why the very base of our pyramid of success focuses on building food drive, a passion for teamwork and helping your dog feel calm and capable in different environments first – before even getting onto the real training. We also share a method first introduced by the dog trainer Denise Fenzi called the circle method which is dedicated to all the dogs who cannot hold their focus outside and are incapable of eating when out and about.

This is a common problem. New environments and distractions offer a different set of challenges, so this is normal. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. This course will help you and your dog succeed with loose leash walking – in all kinds of situations.

Technical Questions

Absolutely! With the Loose Leashed course, you will have lifetime access. This means you can revisit the course, reinforce your understanding, and start with new dogs whenever you desire in the future.

One of our delighted Academy members has already completed one of the courses four times within the six-week workout period. She has reported that her dog has become incredibly strong and muscular. She feels more confident in her agility training, enjoying the satisfaction of giving her dog the utmost care and support.

Yes. The access to the content platform is lifetime, and it is very easy to use and navigate. Additionally, PDFs of the Weekly Workout content are available for download.

Currently, the course is only available in English, but it does come with English subtitles. However, we do plan on translating the subtitles into other languages in the future, so please follow us for updates.

The video material is not downloadable, but the PDFs are. However, access to the online classroom is lifetime and the content platform can be reached very easily from any device (phone, tablet, or computer), and is very simple to use.


So what are you waiting for?

You can continue sulking and give into a life of unenjoyable walks OR put in the work and strengthen the relationship you have with your dog on a leash.

Join us now and start enjoying your time spent outside with your dog!

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