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Owning a dog means more than just endless supervision, frustration and worry!

Fetching Manners Online Course

14 Weeks of Step-By-Step Guides

Raise a reliable canine companion!
Establish a trustful relationship with your dog, build behaviours that will give both of you more freedom, and shape your dog into a well-rounded companion, with the help of our knowledge and guidance.

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Join more than 1215+ students NOW!
Not only have we benefitted from the very curriculum we’re sharing here with you today but so have more than 637+ students who we’ve worked with!
HUNDREDS of people are already out there chasing tales and have a thriving relationship with their dog that enables them to live a stress-free life and take their dog with them, on any adventure.
I think that’s downright amazing!

 If you want to be the owner whose dog is their partner in crime, best buddy and lifelong companion, you’re going to want to keep reading what I’ve got to tell you!


Why do we do it?

Let me tell you a story of an encounter I found myself in a few months prior that reminded me of how far we’ve come and why we’re sharing this course with you today!

I found myself sitting at a dinner table one day when the words uttered by a family member suddenly jolted me out of my summer daydream.

“Yeah no, we’re just going to leave her here with the grandparents. It’s too much of a hassle you know? I want to enjoy my holidays in peace.”

Wait…who was she talking about? I thought to myself.Surely it can’t be their little 4 kg Yorkie dog they own?The relative then turned to the little brown ball of fluff who was eagerly staring back at her and said: “You’re going to enjoy being home alone just as much, won’t you?”.


I felt a sense of bitter compassion wash over me.

I couldn’t disagree more with her actions now, but I remember what it was like when the idea of taking a dog with me on holidays stressed me out too.


“She doesn’t know what a joy it can be having your dog by your side does she?” I thought.

She’s just like me 11 years ago when I got no sleep in the mornings, watched my first dog chew up our furniture and felt uneasy as she had trouble settling when we took her out with us.

I remember hearing my dog bark 3 streets down from our camping spot when I went out to get ice cream or having to face the glares of our neighbors after she woke their kids up…

“Yikes…I get it.” I thought, “but man, life can be so much better when you have a four-legged companion by your side”.

“What’s different now?”

“Why can I go on a road trip with my friends, take 11 dogs with us at once, and still be at peace while walking through the city centre of Berlin?”

I think it comes down to having well-behaved dogs who you can rely on.

Now, I never think twice about bringing my dog to the seaside.

I can sleep in during my holidays if I want to – in fact my dog sleeps in with me, we go for swims together AND she joins me on my hikes. She settles everywhere we go and, most of all, I can trust her to do the right thing.

Therefore, she is rarely the cause of stress while I go on holidays and I don’t have to worry about not having a restful time if I take her with me.

But what did it take for us to get here?

We worked hard for sure.

We worked on our settling skills, we worked on our recalls (she gets all the freedom she wants now because I know she’ll listen to me when I call).

We also worked on her leash walking skills, on staying calm and on making the right decisions. And these are just some of the basic things we worked on to get to where we are now.

I looked back at said family member and at that moment I recognised the importance of the work that we do at Chasing the Tale.

I know that you as a dog owner want to enjoy your time with your dog without worrying about their every move.

You want to be able to rely on your dog and take them with you on your adventures.


Lucky for you this is exactly what Fetching Manners is here to help you do.


The structure of this class is just awesome with videos and teaching, progressing and refining structure.

We just loved your Fetching Manners class. We tried to do all the exercises every week because we couldn’t wait to see what next week will bring to us. Ginny was great in all the shaping lessons where she can showed some thinking and creativity.

The recall exercises made our recall much better but we still have to work on it because Ginny just loves to explore, sniff and chase everything.  Just can’t wait to start Shaping Adventures class and to practise all previously taught exercises.

Ginny already have better problem solving skills, can settle faster and we have better connection. You girls and your dogs are amazing. Thank you for everything.

Tamara  & Ginny
Iva & Billy

Billy can now easily settle anywhere! Things that we loved the most about FM and have improved through time are proper playing, settling, body handling and preventing resource guarding and recall.

FM taught us how to build drive and proper play of tug.  I love how Billy can now easily settle at home, in cafes, in the car and he can watch in peace how I am doing something with our other dog.

Billy now waits patiently to be showered, he is used to a hairdryer, clipping nails, we can check his teeth, ears and eyes while he is being calm which all was very hard for him at the beginning. He is now really getting used to permission cue, which I found very important.

Girls, you did an amazing job with FM. Thank you!



Got a puppy and don’t know where to start?

Adult dogs

Raise your dog training to a higher level.


It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.


Owners who want to be able to rely on their dog

For any dog owner who is tired of constantly having their eyes on their dog out of fear of them getting into mischief. Or, in other words, any dog owner who wants to be able to trust their dog without having to micromanage their every move.

Owners who feel stuck
Owners who feel frustrated, stuck and helpless on their dog training journey. Be it because their dog doesn’t listen or because they are facing a problem they can’t figure out how to solve.
Dog owners to be

For anyone and everyone eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new puppy. Future owners who want to do things right, set the correct foundations, and give their puppy the best start in life.


You’re tired of having to constantly keep an eye on your dog and want to build a trusting partnership.

You don’t know how to get started on your dog training journey and are afraid you’d do something wrong.

You’re about to get a puppy and want to give them the best start in life.

You’re looking to improve the relationship you have with your dog.

You wish you could count on your dog to make the right decisions.

You strive to be able to take your dog with you anywhere you go without feeling embarrassed or having them cause trouble.

Oh? You’re not facing any of those problems? That’s great!! This class is ALSO for you if:

You’re passionate about your four legged companion and are hungry for knowledge (you’re feeling inspired, want to know what goes on inside your dog’s head and are looking to challenge your inner dog trainer)!

You’re curious about where you and your dog can take things.

You don't know how to start your dog training journey and are worried you might do something wrong (but are eager to build solid dog ownership foundations and want to do what’s right for your dog).

Still not sure exactly what we mean?
Here’s our promise to you

We promise you that we’ve gathered all the knowledge we’ve attained in the past 15 years for you in this class. 

And we promise that in as little as just 10 minutes a day you’ll be able to achieve all of the above and have a reliable companion by your side!

Raising a well-behaved dog is not hard! It’s not about working a lot and bending over backwards to achieve what you want.

No.It’s simply about working right! Set up the right foundations with little, yet regular, investment and dog ownership will feel as easy as pie! 🥧Get started with training today because I know you can change your dog’s life!

But, we’re not here
to make empty promises!

So... take a look at what our
clients have got to say about us!

Tjaša & Brownie


Chasing the Tale helped us get to the point where my puppy actually works for food and is happy doing it. Our recall got a 100 times better. On walks she now comes when called and actually comes to check on me from time to time, all by herself!

When I got my puppy she was all over the place. She didn’t care about me, didn’t care about food, or playing with me. Walks were a big struggle; my dog would pull while on leash, and run around and have fun by herself while off leash.

Chasing the Tale academy helped me understand my dog more and kept reminding me that she might need more time to mature before she is ready for some serious work. With their help our relationship grew. My dog is now obsessed with playing with me and would choose playing with me over playing by herself. Loose leash walking is still a work in progress, but with the academy’s instructions it’s getting better day by day.

What I liked most about Chasing the Tale is that they adjust their training to the individual dog and the dog learns. Chasing the Tale classes don’t follow a strict regime by which all dogs are obligated to learn. They take their time to look at the individual dog, their owners, and adjust the learning process to their needs. I loved how they take their time to explain why a dog is behaving a certain way rather than just throwing a possible solution our way. By doing so they help us dog owners understand our dogs more and thus allow us to find solutions on our own when encountering other problems.

We were like zombies, waking up in the middle of the night, and she was always dragging us around … Today, Juno thinks about what we want, not what her urges are. We strategically structured our life to fit her needs and what we think is good living.

We had no idea what we were getting into when we first got our Australian Shepherd puppy. Yes, people told us that it is a high-energy doggo, but little did we know what that means. We love her dearly, but the family dynamic changed drastically after we brought Juno home. And boy, did she turn our lives around.

For the first two months, we were like zombies, we were waking up in the middle of the night, she was dragging us around when we went for walkies and she demanded all the attention a pup could get. Luckily, we discovered Chasing the Tale classes that helped us really understand what it meant to be her. How she thinks, what drives her, and more. Within a month, with steady training, we have seen such a tangible change. Juno started to think about what we want, not what her urges were. She has a really strong drive to work and we strategically structured our life to fit her needs and what we think is good living. Thanks, ladies, for sharing this course with the world, we definitely need this for all the high-energy doggos that would love to work to please their family and friends.

This was a wake-up call for us to take a step in her shoes.”

Anže & Maja Voje and Juno

Embrace life changing results with your dog right now!




Walking through a city with your dog on a loose leash.

Say goodbye to having arm pain from trying to hold your dog back as they put their whole body weight into dragging you around and watch your dog walk calmly by your side.


Enjoying your coffee while your dog lies by your side peacefully.

Imagine calmly doing your work in a coffee shop or finally catching up with a friend over some coffee while your dog lies peacefully under your chair – almost as if they were not there: not begging for food, barking for food or trying to get attention from the person sitting by the table next to you.


Giving your dog the freedom they want on walks.

Imagine not having to worry about your dog ignoring your calls and knowing full well that they will listen to you. Imagine successfully recalling them back to you as a cat runs across the street, or feeling proud as they come running away from a sandwich that is lying on the floor the moment you call them.


Having trust and being able to depend on your dog as they depend on you.


Feeling acknowledged and proud for being able to do ANYTHING you set your mind to with your dog.


Becoming a satisfied and capable owner who holds dog ownership by its horns.


Your training sessions are a joy and both you and your dog are making progress.

Start looking forward to your training sessions as your dog’s motivation builds and your teamwork becomes stronger. Enjoy the progress you and your dog are making throughout your training sessions.


Your dog is tuned into you and is neutral to environmental stimuli (dogs, people, cyclists, etc).

Be able to work with your dog in different environments ~ in your kitchen, in your garden, in the park, in a field, in the city or next to other dogs and people.


Take your dog with you on holiday; they simply fit in wherever you take them.

Never feel like your dog is a burden ever again. Get to know what it truly means to have “a man’s best friend” by your side and what it feels like to have your dog lift you up instead of having them drain your energy.


Being able to sleep in on the weekend (given that your dog’s needs have been met).

Say goodbye to sleepless nights.


14 weeks of concise and easy-to-follow lessons.

A curriculum structured specifically so you can improve your skills incrementally and increase the difficulty of your exercises step by step throughout the weeks.

78 simple and straightforward video guides.

You will receive videos with clear visual guides that will show you exactly how to approach a certain exercise and what the training process should look like.

Lifetime access to all the content (yes, you can access the whole course forever)

There is no starting date and no end date for the course. You can keep up with the content, advance and progress with the difficulty level, restart the course anytime, work through the course with different dogs whenever you want, and more!

Detailed instructions & tips on what to look for, how to teach the exercises, and help on troubleshooting possible issues

Receive detailed guides (both video and written) on how to teach certain exercises, how to set your dog up for success, and how to progress effectively. In addition, you will also receive troubleshooting tips; in case you run into a problem with teaching your dog we are here to help you overcome your challenge!

User-friendly & accessible from any device

Access the full, step-by-step, ready-to-use, well-structured and easy-to-understand course from any device; and do so from the comfort of your home, or even when wandering around on your daily walk in nature.

Private FB Community Group

We have your back at every step of your dog training/raising journey! Our closed Facebook group is a safe space to open up and move forward with like-minded individuals. Share your progress, get guidance and motivate each other alongside the cool Chasing the Tale family!


Except, they’ve invested heaps more
to receive what lays in front of you today!

Shaping your dog into a well-behaved, and fulfilled, companion has never been this straightforward!

Now is your chance to work together, say goodbye to constant vigilance and frustration, and change your life!

We’ve created Fetching Manners because we want to see you and your dog take on the world like birds of a feather, like peas in a pod, heck, like two minds thinking as one!

We’ve never had a course that would give you such an in-depth and detailed guide to dog training and ownership. And who knows if it will ever happen again.

So if you want to be part of our family, join the students who are already out there chasing tales, and move mountains with a mere 10 minutes a day…

Then JUMP on over and grab dog ownership by its horns!


Ready to take on the world with your four-legged companion? LET’S GO! 🐾



The difference between our 10-day challenge and Fetching Manners is that – our challenge is focused mainly on building understanding while Fetching Manners delves into shaping behaviours with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides!

Ready to move on from the more theoretical part to the practical?

Our 14-week Fetching Manners curriculum will help you do just that!


Canine communication chapter

Gain access to a chapter dedicated specifically to understanding how dogs communicate, show their emotions and how they do so with their body language. In addition, you will learn how and why it’s important to pay attention to this in your training sessions.

How dogs learn chapter

With Fetching Manners you’ll dive deep into how dogs learn and go beyond just the basics. We’ll cover the essential theory around operant conditioning to truly understand how animals think and learn, talk about how giving your dog a choice can empower them, and more.

Puppy specific chapter

Not sure how to set your puppy up for success or what to do when you bring them home? Don’t worry, our puppy-specific chapter will make things easy for you by covering topics like what to do on your puppy’s first day home, their first night home, what to bring to the breeder, how to puppy proof your home, and more.

Training sessions

Besides video tutorials, you will also receive full length video training sessions which we’ve done with our dogs so you can learn from our successes and our mistakes.

Downloadable PDFs

Organise your notes, track your progress and fill in the PDF sheets specifically for your dog, so you can adjust the training sessions accordingly.


With every week you will also receive a personal journal input from Anja, Eva, Monika or Nika where you can learn from our personal experience and real life lessons we’ve undertaken.

Enrichment DIY’s

Find fun DIY projects that will brighten your dog’s days!


Quizzes to help you test your knowledge at the end of every week!


  •  Welcome!
  •  How this class works
  •  Meet your instructors.
  •  Join the community!
  •  Journaling
  •  Glossary
  •  Three ways dogs learn
  •  Operant conditioning
  •  The four main approaches to clicker training
  •  Our training approach
  •  How can I get my dog to want to listen to me?
  •  What is clicker training?
  •  Modifying behaviours
  •  Management in dog training
  •  The power of choice
  •  Gear you will need
  •  All you need to know about adding a cue
  •  What should training sessions look like?
  •  Food rewards 101
  •  Setting up for success
  •  Distractions in training sessions
  •  How to fade out treats in training sessions
  •  Errors in training


  •  Social play
  •  Can you read your dog?
  •  Communication during a training session
  •  Calming signals


  •  Safety first
  •  Before your puppy comes home
  •  First day together
  •  A day in the life of a puppy
  •  Potty training
  •  Crate vs. Puppy pen
  •  Socialisation
  •  Getting used to gear and walks
  •  Puppy activity by age
  •  Mouthing, biting and nipping
  •  If you can’t tire them out, teach them to rest first!
  •  A black and white world


  •  Why tricks?
  •  Leg weaving & figure 8’s
  •  Backing up
  •  360° turns!
  •  Cop cop


  •  Safety notes!
  •  Clicker game for improving your timing
  •  Rapid reward
  •  In orbit
  •  Luring
  •  Shaping game
  •  Choose a release cue!
  •  Theory of play & type of toys
  •  How to play
  •  Play: common mistakes & troubleshooting
  •  Game on cue
  •  Crate 101
  •  Journal – week 0
  •  Quiz


  •  Rewarding away from distractions
  •  Crate games
  •  Name recognition
  •  Interrupting unwanted behaviours
  •  Follow me
  •  Crate Games – Home Alone
  •  Journal – week 1
  •  Quiz


  •  Leash walking
  •  Settling outside the crate
  •  Let’s go
  •  Collar grab
  •  The Recall (the theory and different exercises)
  •  Journal – week 2
  •  Quiz
  •  Settling on a mat
  •  Impulse control with food
  •  Crate training – Self Control
  •  Body handling and vet visits
  •  Preventing resource guarding
  •  Journal – Week 3
  •  Quiz


  •  Playing with two toys
  •  Hide and seek on walks
  •  Food games
  •  Manners in public: Passing people & dogs
  •  Journal – week 4
  •  Quiz


  •  Look at me
  •  Drop it
  •  Settling on a mat (adding duration)
  •  Switching from a food to a toy reward
  •  Here or there? Have the toy anywhere!
  •  Journal – week 5
  •  Quiz


  •  Chin rest
  •  Car manners
  •  Positions – sit & lie down
  •  Collar grab – exercises
  •  Food enrichment
  •  Journal – week 6
  •  Quiz


  •  Nose touch
  •  Door manners
  •  Sit stay/down stay
  •  Car manners – distance, duration, distractions
  •  Journal – week 7
  •  Quiz


  •  The travelling treat
  •  Dinner manners
  •  Sending to a mat from a distance
  •  Recall – push & run, light distractions
  •  Playing with two toys – retrieve
  •  Journal – week 8
  •  Quiz


  •  Retrieve
  •  Proofing the release cue
  •  Leash walking – stop when I stop
  •  Play: Keep away
  •  Journal – week 9
  •  Quiz


  •  Leave it
  •  Go on
  •  Settling on a mat (adding new criteria)
  •  Let’s go on a leash
  •  Journal – week 10
  •  Quiz
  •  Impulse control with toys
  •  Impulse control with food
  •  Look at me (incorporate into walks)
  •  Body handling & exchanging the goods
  •  Journal – week 11
  • Quiz


  •  Permissions
  •  Proofing sit and lie down
  •  Look at me (duration & distractions)
  •  Leave it on walks
  •  Journal – week 12
  •  Quiz


  •  Recall with distractions (food)
  •  Recall with hiding
  •  Shaping with a box
  •  Fetch + T: You can have it
  •  Explore the possibilities
  •  Journal – week 13
  •  Quiz


  •  Shapign Adventures


By purchasing
NOW, you receive:

Circle yellowC

14 Weeks of Training Exercises

A training curriculum that is released every week and designed to help you and your dog build a trusting partnership in all aspects of life.

Circle blueC

An Extensive Theoretical Section on HOW DOGS LEARN

For you to better understand your dog and how they learn, understand the learning process, and become sharper, and more effective during your training sessions!

Circle purpleC

A Chapter on Building Successful Training Sessions

Learn how to set your dog up for success BEFORE the training session even starts. Learn about the parameters that make every training session fun, productive and enjoyable for both you and your dog! Such as what your training sessions should look like, what reward to use, how to work with distractions and more!

Circle greenC

A Canine Communication Chapter

Do you know what your dog is trying to tell you? In this chapter, you will learn about body language, how your dog communicates, what calming signals are and why social play is important in your dog’s development.

Background olive

A Puppy Specific Chapter

Are you about to bring a new puppy into your home? This chapter covers everything puppy related, from what to do before they come home, how to puppy proof your home, how their first day home will look like, how to set them up for success on their first night, how to potty train your puppy, how and why to crate train them, what activities are appropriate for puppies at different ages, and more!

Background orange

78 simple and straightforward video guides

Detailed and captivating, high-quality video lessons to help you hone in on your newly acquired knowledge and polish your skills. These clear visual guides will show you exactly how to approach a certain exercise and what the training process should look like.

Background green

14 Personal Journals

Access the weekly journals written by our instructors to give you an insight into the hurdles we’ve faced and how we’ve overcome them!

Circle okerC

Downloadable PDFs

Circle pingC

Simple Trick Tutorials

Learn how to teach your dog some cute tricks that you can impress your friends with while simultaneously training your dog’s brain.

Olive orb

Engaging Quizzes

To test your knowledge and help you gain a better understanding of the material that you’ve learned.


Lifetime Access

You can re-read and re-watch the lessons as many times as you want in our Private FB group or inside our online Chasing the Tale Academy!


Access to a Private FB Community

Acces our Facebook group, where like-minded people come together to help each other out.


Unlimited Support

We offer help and guidance for you in our private Facebook group which you can ask for at any point. In addition to that, this class will teach you the theory and exercises that can be personalized to suit each individual dog. In other words, we teach you how to fish not just give you the fish itself (so you bet you’ll be able to use the theory years down the line, with different dogs too).


BONUS Enrichment DIY’s

Find fun DIY projects that will brighten your dog’s days!


But you can join today for just:

Fetching Manners

✔ Lifetime access
✔ Visual content
✔ Downloadable PDF handouts
✔ Easy to use
✔ 30 days money back guarantee

20% OFF on this page only

All prices in USD

As we see it, you’ve
now got three options:

Brush number one

Stay right where you are.

You can continue living your life resenting your dog as a result of the behaviours they’re showing.

Brush number two

Find a trainer who does not take on a holistic approach.

Work with a trainer who approaches specific problems with no regard for you and your dog’s whole story. Or in other words, a trainer who will not work on your understanding of your dog and who will not go beyond the problem at hand.

Brush number three

Let us guide you! Jump aboard our Fetching Manners course!

Not only will you attack your problems head-on but simultaneously shape your dog into a reliable companion, step by step, with our curriculum. And, that way, grow together as you build a mutual and understanding relationship with the help of people like us who have worked with and delved head first into dog training and psychology over the past 15 years.


We undoubtedly believe our class will help you out on your dog training journey! But if you find that any one of our classes is not right for you we will return every cent you paid, no questions asked!


Whether you’re looking to shape your dog into a reliable partner, understand what goes on inside their head, build a strong bond with them, build value for teamwork, or become a capable and satisfied owner, then this is the challenge for you!

Too many owners feel resentment towards their dogs FOR YEARS…

We don’t want that to be you.

Jump on board to see why so many wish they had started sooner.

Too good to be true?
Our students say otherwise.

Chasing the Tale saved my life! Jinx and I were very happy to get to work. We can't wait to continue with the program and thank you again to the girls for a quality and fun dog school.

My Jinx is the “corona child”. At the time she came to our home, dog schools were not working, and my Dalmatian puppy was naughty and independent at first glance. A colleague recommended the Chasing the Tale program, which saved my life! The platform itself is eye-pleasing, the text is easy to read and understand, and the videos are interesting and of high quality.

Jinx and I were very happy to get to work. At the beginning of each week, I prepared a diary, set goals, and scheduled lessons daily. Jinx was extremely motivated and quick to learn during the exercises. The program is fantastic for new dog owners.
Jinx was great with the shaping exercises, as she surprised me time and time again with her ingenuity and creativity.

We can’t wait to continue with the program and thank you again to the girls for a quality and fun dog school.


Eva & Jinx

I now often look at dog training differently or notice things in my or my dogs‘ behaviour I didn’t notice before. The best thing is that I‘ve gained a deeper understanding of dog training in general.

Thanks to Chasing the Tale, I now often look at dog training differently or notice things in my or my dogs‘ behaviour I didn’t notice before. The class has shown me new approaches to training related issues (like my dogs not understanding what I want from them in some situations) which has helped us a lot.

The best thing is that I‘ve gained a deeper understanding of dog training in general. Reading and exercising all those lessons have enabled me to overcome obstacles and problems I‘ve faced when working with my dogs.

Thank you so much again for this opportunity!


Isabella & Rivia

Our story

Chasing the Tale’s ideology is that dogs can be much more than just a pet if only we nurture their true potential with consistent, enjoyable, and clear training.

By ‘more than just a pet’ we mean that your dog can be your friend, your family member, your loyal companion, and more. We believe that dogs can make our everyday lives more fun and fulfilling with their happy attitude and contagious outlook on life.

Chasing the Tale is about creating stories with your dog and it is about adventure!

That being said, we should never forget what sparks the fire in our own dog’s! Always look at the dog in front of you and adapt your adventures to their specific needs and wants. The goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves, together! The adventure need not be grand, as long as you make it your own – even if that means relaxing on the sofa and watching Netflix, going to a drive-in movie theatre, grabbing a coffee in the city or taking a refreshing swim in the lake.

All in all, the mission of Chasing the Tale is to encourage more dog owners to take their dogs with them on their adventures – and most importantly, show them how easy it can be with a well mannered dog! With all of this in mind, Chasing the Tale Academy was born.

Have a question?

The difference between our 10-day challenge and Fetching Manners is that – our challenge focused mainly on building understanding while Fetching Manners delves into shaping behaviours with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides! If you’re ready to move on from the more theoretical part to the practical our 14-week Fetching Manners curriculum will help you do just that!
Fetching Manners has all the information you will need to shape your dog into a reliable companion. The lessons will enable you and your dog to form a strong bond and start working together as a team! Don’t get us wrong, in-person dog schools are great, but they’re also time and money-consuming. This course, on the other hand, gives you more freedom! You can work on it at your own pace and take as much, or as little, time as you need. In addition, you can reread and rewatch the instructions, work from the comfort of your own home, and in a neutral environment where you can set your dog up for success.
We have over 15 years of experience in dog training, have worked with different dogs, raised board and train puppies, held in-person classes, hosted private training hours with our clients, attended workshops, seminars, worked with international trainers, lived the lifestyle we preach – travelled with over 11 dogs at once, and more!
Don’t worry, we offer support and guidance, as well as a FB community group where you can connect with like-minded individuals for help and advice.
Dog ownership is rarely straightforward. In fact, we don’t deny that there are going to be challenges, but with knowledge, practice and guidance any obstacle can be overcome in a fun and enjoyable manner.
At Chasing the Tale we take on a holistic approach – we look at the bigger picture. This is not a quick fix type of program, that only describes a single solution. No, this is a program that will give you the tools and skill set needed to approach any problem that comes your way with a new and improved outlook.
That’s the magic of our online classes! We will provide the video recordings and all the material to you. You are free to work at your own pace (and your dog’s), reread and re-watch the lessons, and skip the ones you already know.

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