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Your Feedback
Matters TO US

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Tjaša & Brownie

When I got my puppy she was all over the place. She didn’t care about me, didn’t care about food, or playing with me. Walks were a big struggle; my dog would pull while on leash, and run around and have fun by herself while off leash.

Chasing the Tale academy helped me understand my dog more and kept reminding me that she might need more time to mature before she is ready for some serious work. With their help our relationship grew. My dog is now obsessed with playing with me and would choose playing with me over playing by herself. Loose leash walking is still a work in progress, but with the academy’s instructions it’s getting better day by day.

What I liked most about Chasing the Tale is that they adjust their training to the individual dog and the dog learns. Chasing the Tale classes don’t follow a strict regime by which all dogs are obligated to learn. They take their time to look at the individual dog, their owners, and adjust the learning process to their needs. I loved how they take their time to explain why a dog is behaving a certain way rather than just throwing a possible solution our way. By doing so they help us dog owners understand our dogs more and thus allow us to find solutions on our own when encountering other problems.

Anže & Maja Voje and Juno

We had no idea what we were getting into when we first got our Australian Shepherd puppy. Yes, people told us that it is a high-energy doggo, but little did we know what that means. We love her dearly, but the family dynamic changed drastically after we brought Juno home. And boy, did she turn our lives around.

For the first two months, we were like zombies, we were waking up in the middle of the night, she was dragging us around when we went for walkies and she demanded all the attention a pup could get. Luckily, we discovered Chasing the Tale classes that helped us really understand what it meant to be her. How she thinks, what drives her, and more. Within a month, with steady training, we have seen such a tangible change. Juno started to think about what we want, not what her urges were. She has a really strong drive to work and we strategically structured our life to fit her needs and what we think is good living. Thanks, ladies, for sharing this course with the world, we definitely need this for all the high-energy doggos that would love to work to please their family and friends.

This was a wake-up call for us to take a step in her shoes.”

Tamara & Ginny

We just loved your Fetching Manners class. We tried to do all the exercises every week because we couldn’t wait to see what next week will bring to us. Ginny was great in all the shaping lessons where she can showed some thinking and creativity.

The recall exercises made our recall much better but we still have to work on it because Ginny just loves to explore, sniff and chase everything. Just can’t wait to start Shaping Adventures class and to practise all previously taught exercises.

Ginny already have better problem solving skills, can settle faster and we have better connection. You girls and your dogs are amazing. Thank you for everything.

Iva & Billy

FM taught us how to build drive and proper play of tug. I love how Billy can now easily settle at home, in cafes, in the car and he can watch in peace how I am doing something with our other dog.

Billy now waits patiently to be showered, he is used to a hairdryer, clipping nails, we can check his teeth, ears and eyes while he is being calm which all was very hard for him at the beginning. He is now really getting used to permission cue, which I found very important.

Girls, you did an amazing job with FM. Thank you!